Monday, 11 August 2014

Shooting the Super Moon - Full Moon in Aquarius

Sunset on Sunday August 10th welcomed 2014's second super moon (the closest to Earth of three this year at 221,765 miles away). I love full moons and have enjoyed photographing them in exotic locations all over the world. This full Moon was Aquarius which is my sun sign and my moon sign so I was super fired up and keen to capture the magic on camera.


Having just moved to South Devon I am utterly spoilt for beautiful locations here but I knew that one particular beach had this great feature that I wanted to include in my full moon portraits. Aquarius is known as the water carrier and I wanted to show this symbolism in my image above.

When we arrived at the beach the sun was still setting and the moon had not yet appeared on the opposite horizon. The waves were fiercely crashing against the shoreline sending seagulls skyward and making for some dramatic shots.

Full moon brings a very expansive energy to all living things, the ocean swells, plants direct their sap upwards and as we humans are 70% water we are effected too. Many people feel restless around a full moon, we may become more social and spontaneous, passionate and excitable, magnetic and supportive. Making it an obvious time for gatherings and parties.
Back on the beach with my husband, the sunlight was fading and we were able to catch the first glimpse of the super moon on the horizon. She was only just visible through the haze.

I love the deep saturated light that changes so very quickly at twilight and I really love to rush of photographing at this time. The soft light is a great time for long exposures which can bring new appreciation of the movement, flow, direction and power that water embodies. This capture above really inspires me with the waves against the stillness of the moon.

Here's a snap of me taking the shot above.

With the sun setting on the western horizon and the moon rising in the east, it's a magically romantic time as day meets night. Before the sunlight completely fades I turn my attention to the tree stump on the beach for some truly picturesque moments.

Taking long exposures of 15-20 seconds blurs the waters edge and creates this band of pure white as the waves break on the shore.

It's a beautiful setting in amongst the flowers as I take one final shot of the Super Aquarius Moon.

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