Saturday, 4 July 2015

Live Interview with Simon Paul Sutton

I'm really excited to share with you this LIVE INTERVIEW with change-maker Simon Paul Sutton. Our 'transparent conversation' uncovers secrets and hidden powers of the feminine.

"Beautiful, watching this is joyful, so many different flowers are in the garden of the feminine and so beautifully expressed Samjhana Moon.  And yes our cycles are as divine as a blood red red autumn leaves.......let us sing in delight." Elizabeth Daun 

Conversation points include
  • What's at the core of our limitations as women today.
  • Getting naked in nature and removing all the masks.
  • Angels, myths and magic and the synchronicity of life.
  • Menstruation, fertility and suppressing your natural cycle.
  • Our youth obsessed culture and how our wisdom isn't celebrated.
What you'll learn
  • How 6 years of solo travelling and living overseas helped me to define femininity.
  • The one thing I'm truly passionate about changing in the world for all women.
  • How being bullied at school and working in a Male dominated role helped to shape my passion.
  • How I help women to open up and feel 'seen' in my photo sessions.
  • How your Goddess portrait provides a doorway to the woman you want to be.
  • How to begin working with your cyclic nature and moon cycles.
  • How men can better understand and flow with their woman's energy.
  • How women can ease their PMT and channel this energy positive ways.
  • The one thing that helped me let go of 'control' and let life lead the way.
Simon Paul Sutton is genuine, kind and full of wisdom. Amongst his many projects he records life-transforming interviews with people with a passion for making the world a better place. I was delighted when I crossed paths with him at the end of a 10 Vipassana meditation retreat last year, our conversation after 10 days of silence was fueled with insight and I was thrilled with Simon's invitation to join him on the sofa for a transparent conversation..... only I insisted a park bench would be much more fitting for Goddess-talk than a sofa :)

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