Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to be less nervous in front of the camera

I have a question for you today.... when you look in the mirror do you approach with a means to criticize, or to 'fix' something? The Social Issues Research Centre (SRIC) reports that "8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their reflection, and more than half may see a distorted image."


Our youth obsessed culture and the media's narrow view of beauty has bullied us into seeing our faults not what makes us uniquely beautiful. And no matter how much you dislike yourself in photos or in the mirror, until you've worked with an artist who appreciates light and form and is sensitive to energy, you have no idea just how beautiful you truly are. Really you don't!

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that many of my clients come to me nervous and really quite terrified of being photographed. But in perfect polarity they also wish they had a beautiful photo of themselves. And it's not for the sake of vanity or to stroke their EGO, it's to understand more about who we are and to see ourselves as others see us. And the pressure mounts for the growing number of heart-focused entrepreneurs for whom an authentic headshot is essential to help attract the people they are here to serve and get their gifts out into the world.Stepping in front of a photographer's lens can be like playing Russian roulette with your hard earned cash and your emotions... you could hate the results and deepen the fear of the camera (I've heard some terrible stories) OR you could actually enjoy the experience (yes it IS possible) and LOVE the results so much that you not only transform your fear, you transform your limiting self-beliefs and grow your confidence.

Now wouldn't that be awesome?

When a skilled portrait photographer captures you in a moment of joy, of peace, of wonder, you may see yourself like you've never seen yourself before. You will see your beauty, you will see your spirit shine through your eyes and that dear heart, is a moment I treasure with every woman who graces my lens.

I became a portrait photographer because I want to disarm and heal the comparative nature that is so destructive for women's well-being. I want to provide an alternative vision of womankind and because I LOVE to show women their true beauty. So what makes me a great photographer? For starters I've studied for over 20 years and I have mastered the art of painting with light. But above and beyond this I have a big heart and the desire to help lift people up to higher places. I have found a unique way of working with women of all ages, sizes and cultures that works like a magic charm. I see my photography heal hearts and transform self-belief and I am soooo very grateful for this gift everyday.

But I can only work with a limited number of women each year so here are a few tips to help you relax next time you're in front of the camera:

1. Breathe! Open up your lungs, take deep breaths to relax yourself.

2. Don't look at the camera! This might sound silly but if your nervous find something to distract your attention and cast the occasional glance back to the lens.

3. Sit down and keep a good posture. Being seated and having something nice in your hands can help you feel less 'naked' and more relaxed.

4. If you are not hiring a professional then please don't ask your mum or brother or friend from the office to take your photo as they only have a limited perspective of who you are. Ask a really good friend, someone you trust and who sees your wholeness, your very best self.

5. Take lots of pictures! Digital photography makes this easy, don't dwell on those pics that don't work, we all have bloopers! Just delete them and focus on the good ones!

6. Join me on one of my studio open days in East London where you can have me and my make-up artist make you feel like a superstar in a fabulous 2hr session.

Perhaps this could be the moment you've been waiting for? An exit point for the fear of being photographed and and entry point for a deeper sense of self and greater confidence? I see a transformation occur even in a 1hr studio session and we all know that anything is possible with more confidence right?

My studio open days are really popular with women entrepreneurs and with women who don't feel quite ready for a full Goddess experience. I would love to welcome you to my next studio event  where my team and I create a nurturing space for you to enjoy being you and leave feeling pampered and beautiful. You'll spend an hour with my fabulous make-up artist and then an hour with me 1:1 in a private studio. How it works... you book 1 of 5 slots available. There is a fee for this session but to eliminate any risk from your decision, you have my 100% money back guarantee if you don't like any of your photos. But I'm so confident that you will and I'd love to opportunity to show you just how beautiful you really are!

To find out more about my Studio Goddess experience, CLICK HERE and/or contact me for your complimentary discovery call.

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